eHouse Home Automation - WWW Control

eHouse Home Automation, Building Management System working demos (model houses: LAN, RS-485, PRO, WiFi) via "eHouse Cloud"

Cloud access for eHouse system - it is not necessary to have an Internet connection with public access, a fixed IP address, or a DDNS Service. Installation data is sent to MySQL server located in the "Internet". It is used to communicate statuses for browsers, panels, and events (commands) for the system. In order to limit the use of the internet connection, the data is checked every 1 min all the time, and after establishing the connection by the owner the frequency is increased several times. Working in the cloud through the web allows access from any panel (smartphone, pad) or operating system from anywhere on the earth (provided Internet access).

The idea of eHouse visualizations is not to create "beautiful and artistic" views but: These conditions require the maximum simplicity, the abandonment of the decoration in favor of high functionality, legibility and scalability for any control panel device (GSM phones, Smartphones, PADs, SmartTV, Wall Panels, etc.)
You can also create dedicated, more elegant visualizations for specific devices, the size of the screen itself.

Working eHouse LAN (Ethernet) comfort installation example - 2 Floor Building Example in Comfort version rev. July 2017 working in "eHouse Cloud"

Includes Ethernet room controllers for each main room.

eHouse RS-485 Comfort instalation example - Floor Building with Basement version rev. July 2015 working in eHouse Cloud

Includes RS-485 room controllers for each main room. Building Contains following floors:

eHouse PRO (Ethernet) building management system installation example- with centralized controller for central switchboard rev. July 2017 working in eHouse Cloud

Contains eHouse PRO (128 inputs/128 outputs) Ethernet with security system functionality and drive control.

eHouse - DEMO version of Economic rev. July 2013 working in eHouse cloud

We are presenting an active demo of the installation of the eHouse intelligent building according to eHouse's demonstration project.
The system has been modified to work in the cloud (on web servers with MySQL support for updating statuses and events
The installation is done using a demonstration module and 3 controllers in eHouse1 architecture: HeatManager, 2 * RoomManagers (Ground and Attic).
The installation is briefly connected to the PCB of the demo module, which includes switches, sensors (lighting and temperature sensors), LEDs for output switching, and PWM dimmers.
The entire eHouse1 system is under the supervision of Raspberry Pi rev.2, RPI2, RPI3 with LINUX Rasberian system running from SD card.
The eHouse RS-485 has been connected to a USB port via an RS-232 / RS-485 converter and an RS-232 / USB adapter.

Home Automation, Building Management System. Variants of visualization and graphical control

Smart House eHouse has a number of types of visualization and graphical control.
Sample screenshots of parts of them Intelligent House eHouse - visualization and graphical control . A multitude of solutions ranging from dedicated software to various hardware and software platforms to web browser integration: It allows you to manage and control the intelligent house eHouse from any hardware: which we currently have.
The following description applies to graphical control and visualization from a web browser.
Maximum functionality depends on the features of your web browser.
Graphic browsers without JavaScript and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) They only allow graphical control without visualization and status updates (versions with HTML extensions).
Web browsers with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) and JavaScript have full functionality:

The following project was developed on the basis of the Smart House eHouse Module eHouse RS-485 under the supervision of the RaspBerry PI microcontroller with Rasbian installed (LINUX derivative of Debian).
In addition, you need to install the free Web Server APACHE software together with the module. Smart House - Apache Integration
This module is the gateway between the Apache webserver and eHouse server "eHouse4cServer" for linux platforms. Intelligent House - eHouse4cServer is a software written in low-level C language ( Intelligent House - C Programming ) for maximum performance even when working on very limited microprocessor, microprocessor or even on single-chip microcontrollers. It is based on the Smart House - eHouse4C library, which is provided free of charge to system users. Together with the apache, you can integrate eHouse not only with your web browser but also with third-party software that enhances eHouse functionality and connects home automation to the world.

Building Automation Project - Ground

eHouse eHouse - visualization and control of web graphics "alt =" eHouse eHouse eCommerce ". The project was implemented in CorelDRAW x4 using VBA macros created for eHouse - building automation .
Project Source Intel