eHouse Home Automation
eHouse LAN - Building Automation, Home, Office comfort version - operating system in the showroom 300m (Ground Floor, Floor, Cellar) - remote access through cloud eHouse Cloud . Installation created on Ethernet room controllers for each room - Visualizations Automatic minimally modified manually (SVG text files with JavaScript for compression - tabs above):
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen + Dining Room
  • Lobby, corridors - up and down
  • Cabinet
  • Bathroom + Sauna
  • Gabi - child room
  • Mike - child room
  • Bedroom
  • Robert
  • Upper Bathroom
  • Boiler Room + CO
  • Garden
The project is described on the blog: eHouse LAN Home Automation Demo Example
The template is in text files (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) so you can easily change your look, color, layout, etc.
There is individual architectural visualizations created in CorelDraw on the left

Control Panel

Other Aproach of control panel and visualization (icons) - created manually with JavaScript functions.

eHouse Home Automation
LAN/WiFi Network UDP
LAN/WiFi Network TCP/IP
Internet TCP/IP
Cloud TCP
Rooms, Head, Tab, Footer, Auto Resize